Returns – January 2016

Returns – January 2016

The returns for January 2016 were great in contrast to the broad market's dive into double-digit negative territory. Over two years of gains were wiped out in just a few weeks. We are back to levels of December 2013. As you know, the All Seasons Portfolio model consists of five different Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with the following % of holdings:

All Seasons Portfolio Model Account Holding % Sym ($) January Gain/Loss
Gold 7.5% GLD 3.95%
Commodities 7.5% DJP -0.94%
Stocks (S&P500) 30.0% SPY -3.63%
Intermediate US Bonds (7-10 yr) 15.0% IEF 1.34%
Long Term US Bonds (20-25 yr) 40.0% TLT 4.82%

The gain/loss column shows that the All Seasons Portfolio had a combined total return for January 2016 of +1.4%.

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