Welcome to the All Seasons Portfolio

Welcome to the All Seasons Portfolio

Why do we exist?

We aspire to add value to people’s lives and their wealth by helping them to build their own wealth. We educate people about money and wealth management, market analysis, and savings. We are providing you, or Dan, as we like to say, “the Average Dan”, the ability to participate in the financial markets with the lowest possible investment, and at potentially no costs (no trading fees, no management fees, no commissions).

We exist to help you ACHIEVE financial freedom:

  • Add value to people's lives by helping them to build wealth
  • Create miracles in the lives of others
  • Help others take control of their financial future
  • Inspire others to do what inspires them
  • Educate people about money & wealth management
  • Victoriously achieve personal financial freedom
  • Enrich others through giving

How do we do it?

By posting ideas and educational videos using social media, vlog and blog posts, containing information about the current market news - world and local US, updates to the All Seasons Portfolio,  and answers to questions submitted by you, a welcome member to our site.

We Spread the Love

We donate 100% of all net proceeds to our favorite non-profit organization - One with the Water. Please read more about One with the Water in the link to its blog post.

Next Steps 

Now that you have registered as a member, we will ascertain if you are actually a human being on the planet earth and that you're interested in having value added to your life. We request that you make the required donation to One with the Water, and after they receive the payment, we will activate your account. Then just simply login and learn!